Just finished Beate Sigriddaughter's novel, Audreycouldn't put it down it's such a wonderful and philosophical read. 
I have to admit, at times I wanted to poke Audrey with a pointy stickbut then I could feel her insecurity, her need to be loved, wholly and conditionally. A contradiction in possibility. True love is un-confining.

It was so sad really, as Audrey had more than that from Andrea, but just couldn't accept it, or believe she was worthy of it. Or, and this is sadder still, did not know what love is. Understandable, seeing her childhood was bereft of it.

As you can see, these characters became real to me, a testament to a convincing and authentic writer, and I just know I'll be pondering this novel for many days to come.

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Beate Sigriddaughter 


Myra King, author of Cyber Rules and City Paddock & other stories