Thoughts on Snow White



I found your use of words simply wonderful. Some of the best writing I have ever read.


The way the book was put together was very creative. Many parts of it were creative.


It has many great ideas and thought provoking opinions on a variety of subjects.


There was no story line really, there wasn't meant to be, the book is a platform to present the writers opinion on various parts of the human condition.


I, as I understand, write like some other writers using personal experience as a lever. While reading you I found myself hoping this or that did not happen to you. Frightening to think it could have.


The way you added levity through the use of more modern phrases or words to a classic story made the book. Great use of words!!


I found the book both funny and tragic. I laughed; I was sad and even mad. The last full chapter on Mom was a real Downer!! As opposed to some of others that were just downers. And of course I felt bad to be lumped in with "all men" who, according to the book are pretty much self-centered sleaze bags. But . . . I'll get over it.


That's all folks!

Christopher Saxman