A Little Mystery


by Carol Reid



I had an angel in my life for fewer weeks than I have fingers. Everything about the brief connection was serendipitous. I woke up one morning in need and I asked the right question of the right person and there she was.


I know she was an angel because she performed a miracle.


With her I was safe. Lifelong open wounds started, miraculously, to heal.


She promised we would remain connected for as long as she was on the planet. And then she was gone.


How long is a piece of string? Not long enough. Or long enough.


I miss her laughter and her orange skirt and her multicolored hair.


I miss the little mirror she held up to my face. Just look, she said.


* * *


Carol Reid lives on the west coast of Canada. Recently she joined the crew of MadHat Lit as their fiction editor.


A Little Mystery first appeared in Carol Reid's collection Candyland.