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Cassidy Ransom

The Creaky Leaf by Cassidy Ransom, born 1994, was first published in Stepping Sideways Into Poetry Writing (Scholastic Inc. 2005), and is reproduced here with kind permission of the author and the publisher.  Cassidy has also been named Poet Laureate of her school.   

Newer poems written in 2011, 2007 and 2008 follow below.





Crunching when people
Step on you,
Tattering under their feet,
You rip.

In spring when you are green,
You smell like spinach.
In the fall, you smell like
   maple syrup
Spinning onto my waffles.

Your body is a light brown,
With a tint of dark speckles.
Ripped, you can see
Right through your body.

Damp, just a wee bit,
Your body feels like leather.
You veins feel like stems.

Dark spots
Feeling like velvet.
Your edges
Like razor blades.

                 Cassidy Ransom




Iíve lived long enough to see the planets align. Iíve struggled enough to swim every ocean and sea through a terrible storm. Iíve raced among the fastest and the best. Iíve been to the moon and back again, bringing the stars back in my eyes. Iíve tasted heaven on a silver spoon, just as sweet as ice cream. Iíve heard snowflakes whisper as they fall, and Iíve held the sun in the palm of my hands. Iíve seen a fire-breathing dragon and plunged a mighty sword into him. But Iíve also nursed him back to health, and have tamed the flame upon his tongue. Iíve been to a place where flowers can never be frosted; a place where flowers are picked and never wilt. Iíve kissed frogs, none of which turned to princes; Iíve kissed princes, most of which turned into frogs. Iíve sailed the blue skies with marshmallow clouds. Iíve danced with angels. Iíve dined with Shakespeare. Iíve battled Hercules. Iíve survived the sinking of the Titanic. Iíve sang every sweet lullaby and Iíve kissed every drop of rain. Iíve lived every adventure with grace and beauty, wit and coy, but not a single adventure could compare to the one Iím living with you. 

Cassidy Ransom



Poems 2007


The color is dark
Darker than ink
Everyone sees it
Even the blind
To some the color
Is safe
To others
It is a
Drowning thought
Of fear
But this color
Can be whatever
You want it to be
Good and Bad
Safe and Dangerous
But it's not just
A color
It's an emotion
That runs through
My broken heart


It grows inside me
Every day
Especially when
I see the color
Sins usually
Rise from
This emotion
Of which
I feel every day
Parents yelling at you
Younger sibs
Stealing your stuff
Greed and envy
Run with this emotion
The emotion that
Sets a black flame
To my heart


My heart is a black hole
Drowning me in its depths
The misery is endless
Like the night sky
Emotions of sadness and anger
Run inside my black heart
Darkness overcomes me
As blood does to my precious flesh
But sadly you don't understand
So I'll just say it simply







Youíre the drug;

Iím the addict.

You make me so high,

Iím erratic.


Youíre the drink

That makes me tipsy.

You make me so drunk,

It drives me crazy.


Youíre the nicotine

In my cigarette.

The cancer is spreading,

Time to kick the bucket.


Iím slipping under;

Iím starting to fade.

Youíre intoxicating me

With your beautiful face.


I canít quit;

Itís difficult to stop.

Youíre the pain pill

I always have to pop.




Iím breaking

And bleeding slowly,

But no one sees the pain

Through my sheet of invisibility.


Iím a total mess;

Completely falling apart,

What happened between us,

ĎCause I know itís breaking my heart.


Whatís strange is

Even after all this time,

Iím still wishing;

Wishing you were mine.




The first time I met you

Was just the other day.

I fell head over heels

ĎCause you took my breath away.


I forgot how to blink;

I forgot how to breathe.

Your beautiful face was the

Only thing that mattered to me. 


You looked my way

And shot me a smile.

I had fallen in love;

There was no denial.




You melt my heart,

You dry my tears,

You donít play games,

Youíre always here.


You are oh-so sweet;

sweet as cherry pie,

Drop-dead gorgeous.

These things I cannot deny.


Your kisses are gentle and

Soft to the touch.

I fall head over heels,

I love you so much.


I love it when you hold me

With your hands on my waist

And my arms around your neck.

I feel warm, special, and safe.


I hope youíll never leave me.

I hope your love is true,

Because I know one thing:

I have fallen in love with you.