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Dan McQuillan

Aside from publishing excellent travel guides to Ireland and Scotland (the Ireland Guide is in its 4th edition; the Scotland Guide is a recent new project in itís 1st edition), Dan heads the human resources department of one of the largest Denver law firms.  What he would like to do, given the chance of another life, is own and run a writerís retreat.  And write, of course.





Patrick felt a thrill of accomplishment: he had found a small rise in the midst of the crowd that would afford him an unobstructed view of the racers as they sped past.

He didnít have long to wait Ė he had scarcely settled in when the lead racer swept into view, followed closely by a swarm of multi-colored jerseys and helmets, bobbing and dancing in the early morning sunlight.  Taut muscles rippled under skin-tight pants and hands gripped handlebars tightly, pulling for every last bit of leverage they could get.  Spokes sparkled in the sunlight and sweat glistened on youthful, athletic brows.

As the bikers breezed past on their way to glory, Patrick remembered that he once shared their dream; practiced, yearned and ached for it.  But then life happened, and so much had arisen to block his dream: an early marriage, little Bridget and bills (ah, yes Ė the bills).  Not that he regretted his family, but his obligations slowly and inexorably overshadowed his dreams. 

If only he could open his life and insert a few of his dreams, leaving the rest unchanged.

As he turned and walked slowly from the crowd, a quote from his youth edged softly into his thoughts: Old age is when your dreams become regrets.  He didnít want to think about that, and tried to push it aside.  But he realized he was too tired to do so. 

And he regretted it.