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If the path before you is clear, you’re probably on someone else’s. 

                                                                           - Joseph Campbell



-                   foxes

-                   playing the flute

-                   wild roses

-         roller coasters
(especially Twister II at Elitch Gardens in Denver, Disney's Space Mountain,
and Buffalo Bill's at the Nevada/California border )

-         Kuan Yin

          Here's my favorite Kuan Yin poem:         


                        You try to climb the healing tree to the Palace of the Moon,
                        But sadly the Gate of Heaven is not open – even for you,
                        But the fact that you tried will travel far and wide . . .
                        And everyone will smile and enjoy the flowers in their gardens.
                                (from Martin Palmer and Jay Ramsay's book Kuan Yin)

-                   the sun

-                   my mother, Sigrid Rausch
(July 1, 1914 – June 26, 1992)

-          my sister, Karin Christine Rausch
(December 28, 1944 - March 1945)

-                   Celine Dion

-                   Sappho

-          Irene, Eirene (goddess of peace)

-          Isis
(especially for the ability of putting her slain husband back together again)

-          Marilyn French

-                   Susan Griffin

-                   fairy tales

-         running in nature

-                   Michelangelo

-                   Women in Black silent vigil for peace

-         candle light

-        Susan Seddon Boulet

-        Mary Oliver

-        Doris Lessing

-        Ursula Le Guin

-        Elizabeth George

-        Marta L. Sanchez

-        "Common Ground"--a sculpture by the Platte River in Denver