Beate Sigriddaughter:  Publications

(Many publications were under names Beate Goldman and Beate Murray, and are so marked in parentheses)




A Well-Behaved Skeptic, poems (limited edition publication by The Celadon Press, 1978) (Goldman)


Old Friends, poems by three authors (limited edition publication by The Celadon Press, 1979) (Goldman)


Letters to a Stranger, poems (Washington Writers’ Publishing House, 1981) (Goldman)






“Portrait Of A Mother” in Concerning Poetry (Spring 1978) (Goldman)


“The Witch’s House” and “Interpretations” in The Poet Upstairs: A Washington Anthology (Washington Writers’ Publishing House, 1979) (Goldman)


“Women Looking At A Painting” in The Dekalb Literary Arts Journal (Spring/Summer 1980) (Goldman)


“Vincent Van Gogh”, “Nineteenth Century Heart”, “What Can I Say?” and “The Empty Pedestal” in Three Sisters (1981) (Goldman)


“Women In The Windows In The Hague” in Concerning Poetry (1981) (Goldman)


“The Dance Begins” in Salome: A Literary Dance Magazine (1983)


“Eurydice” in Whose Woods These Are: An Anthology (The Word Works, Inc., 1983)


“Poem Containing ‘So, And, Such’” in Anima (Spring 1983) (Goldman)


“A Fable of Leaves” in A Letter Among Friends (Summer/Fall 1983), also under Articles (August 2002)


“For The Woman Who Finds...” and “The Tight-Rope Walker’s Demonstration” in Focus (August 1983) (Goldman)


“The Music Of The Heart” in The Cathartic (Fall 1983) (Goldman)



Short Fiction:


“A Writer’s Fantasy” in Focus (September/October 1982)


“The Psychiatrist And The Rose” in Amazon: Milwaukee’s Feminist Press (Feb/Mar 1983)


“Who Will Wed This Woman?” in Amazon: Milwaukee’s Feminist Press (Oct/Nov 1983)


“The Sister” in Real Fiction (1983) (Goldman)



Forthcoming Short Fiction


“Falling Woman” in Moon Journal Press (anticipated publication Spring 2004) (Murray)


“Tour Guide San Francisco 1981” in Moon Dance  ( (Murray)




Essays, Articles:


“Lysistrata Rising” in Iowa Woman (Summer 1983)


“Profiles in Excellence” in Dancesport News (February and May 2001) (Murray)


“Sunrise At Red Rocks” in The Motorist (August 2001), also (Murray)


“Harvesting Kindness”, “Holiday Magic”, “Sound and Silence”, “Poor Excuses”, “Treasure the New Year”, “Prime 8 Inn”, and “Joy” at (October 2002-February 2003) (Murray)