That Day


that day

I woke up wanting to caress

the face of things

to whisper

to live is enough


that day

I rode a fairground ride in celebration

sky blue Denver tilting

and a small boy by my side

kissing the whirlwind with laughter


that day

I learned that scientists are working

on a bomb that vaporizes

human life on impact

finding us by body heat

leaving the more valuable things

unharmed the buildings

intact the roads the bridges


not even in my dreams had I been

this breathless against my will


for whom

will these bridges span?

will the books then read themselves?

for whom will roller coasters roll?


that day

I vowed to quick

caress this sweet quick world

without pity without promise

but with a passion that


even a single soldier rolling

in the dirt of conflict would be more

sacred than a bridge a drop of oil

an ocean of democracy


there will be no more tears then

quick now caress




"That Day" was first published in Le Nouveau Monde Vert.