by Susan Tepper


Kitty Kat we should get married. I canít. Why not he said. Well for one thing Iím still married. Oh that. M had shrugged. But not in Germany. We were strolling through the springtime Umberplatzen. Everything around us bursting. M suggested we marry right there. Right in this spot he said. Tapping the ground with his foot. You could wear a filmy dress. See-through I said. Not quite said M.  And we could both wear wreaths of Umberplatzen. Imagine how nice. I could tell he was serious. It caused my neck to constrict. I said I donít want Umberplatzen in my hair. It could have gnats. Besides it all sounds Grecian movie style. Whatís wrong with Grecian movie style. Nothing. But. But. But what Kitty Kat. I began feeling exasperated. Saying letís go shopping. For a filmy dress said M. No. For toilet paper and dish soap and other things we need. Well did you make a list. And it was like the wedding subject floated away. And all at once I wanted it back. I wanted to see a filmy dress. Touch it. Try it on. Pirouette at the mirror. OK I said. OK what. Iíll get the dress. Really. No. You have no stars left he said. When we met you were all stars. They have fizzled and fallen to earth I said. Pity. Then letís get drunk said M. So we did. We drank outside on the boathouse cafť veranda. When it got cooler we drank inside the cafť. We had schnitzel when it got dark. Salad with cucumber. See said M. This could be our wedding food. And what color for the dress I said. Your skin tone. Pale pinky beige. Today he sends a pale filmy scarf. Observe itís the color of your skin says the post-it note. Wear it when you take me to bed he has also written.




Susan Tepper, a fiction writer and poet, is the author of four published books. She has been nominated 9 times for the Pushcart Prize. Her novel What May Have Been (Cervena Barva Press, 2010) was nominated for a Pulitzer.


"Wreath" is an excerpt out of From the Umberplatzen (Wilderness House Press, 2012), www.susantepper.com/umberplatzen.html.