Yolande Sumner

A talented tango and ballroom dancer, originally from France, Yolande came to one of my tango classes, and we spent several evenings at Denver tango nights discussing tango and the world in general before Yolande moved away to Phoenix to work for a non-profit organization.  The first poem reproduced below was inspired by Mel Gibson's movie "The Passion of the Christ," the second by a hot summer day in Phoenix.



                               Yolande Sumner

The night has fallen,
My eyes closed,
All I can see is your blood,
From your glorious wounds;
Like Mary,
I stand at the foot of your cross,
Weeping at the thought of your suffering;
I look at my hands of flesh and bones,
And think of your hands pierced with nails.
As your bride,
I let my white dress,
Be covered with your sacrificial blood,
Dripping from above;
O holy one,
Cleanse me with your blood,
Shed on the cross.
O holy one,
Sanctify me.
O invisible God,
So real on the cross,
How I cherish your spirit in me.
O invisible God,
How I desire to meet you in the abyss,
In contemplation,
For our special encounter;
When it is finished,
I will see your light,
Welcoming me to Heaven;
Cross, I remember you!
Your sacrifice eases my earthly burden.
Your grace fills my heart and soul,

                                        Phoenix, March 2004



       In the heat of the summer,  
       I dream of winter;    
       I dream of seeing my breath,  
       Walking in the darkness,   
       On a Christmas Eve;   
       I dream of dense fog,       
       Driving through Roncevaux Pass,    
       In the Pyrenees,      
       Evoking epic battles;   
       I dream of cold, healing rain,    
       Falling down my face,     
       Thirsting for the water of life;       
       I dream of walking in the snow,    
       Making crisp sounds;      
       I dream of shy morning mist,       
       Seeing in the distance,     
       The church bell of a medieval village;
       All is quiet;
       Surrounding men and nature,
       A blanket of fresh snow from heaven;
       No more hunger,
       No more injustice,
       No more hatred,
       No more suffering;
       In the winter of my life,
       I dream of eternal peace on earth!         

                         Phoenix, August 2004